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Perfecting Pasta

Photo Credit: Serious Eats September is here, and fall is just around the corner! One of my absolute favorite fall dishes of all time is butternut squash pasta, and pasta, of course, has been a comfort food of mine since childhood. My absolute FAVORITE memory eating pasta growing up was when I was on my… Continue reading Perfecting Pasta

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The Making of Mac and Cheese

Happy New Year everyone! I hope 2017 brings us joy, luck, and most importantly, unity. In light of this year’s highly important and transitional events, including the inauguration and of course, Martin Luther King, Jr. day, I would like to explore one of those classic American dishes – macaroni and cheese. Whether homemade or out… Continue reading The Making of Mac and Cheese

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A Conversation About Crab Cakes

Photo Credit: Fifteen Spatulas In the heat of springtime, there is perhaps no better time of year to enjoy fresh crab cakes than right now (preferably with a nice view of the water). I had the pleasure of doing this very activity when my parents came to visit me from Seattle about three weeks ago… Continue reading A Conversation About Crab Cakes

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Perusing Pancakes

Pancakes are one of those foods that you can never go wrong with at breakfast—they continually succeed to make people feel comforted and satisfied first thing in the morning. For me, pancakes bring back memories of the sleepovers I would have with my best girlfriends from elementary school to junior high, because we would stay… Continue reading Perusing Pancakes

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Taking a Peek at Pizza

My favorite memories eating pizza are when I would go down to the Oregon Coast with my family every summer and eat a delicious cheese pizza from the famous Pizza a’ Fetta at Cannon Beach, Oregon, one of the nation’s Top 50 pizza joints. Pizza is one of America’s most celebrated meals not only because… Continue reading Taking a Peek at Pizza