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Hi! My name is Meagan Nelson and I am a food enthusiast, politically engaged student, and aspiring PR professional who lives in Washington, D.C. My love of food comes from growing up cooking, watching the Food Network, and reading recipe books with my mother, who encouraged me to try new foods, travel, and embrace new experiences.

After spending five years working on political campaigns and researching public policy for different lobbying organizations in the nation’s capital, an idea popped into my mind… Why not create a space that explores the political issues and history surrounding food, which give dishes their cultural relevance today? Food is, after all, filled with narratives about race, class, gender, and pop culture, while it also brings people together.

Dinner and Democracy is not an ordinary food blog that simply provides readers with inspiration for their next culinary experiences. It also serves as a platform to make food the center of life, and gives everyone an equal opportunity to bring the different aspects of culture, history, and society to the front of the table.


Enjoy and thanks for reading!

With Love,


© 2016 Meagan Nelson & Dinner and Democracy. All Rights Reserved.

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